How to Plan Your Dream Wedding: A Complete Guide

Wearing beautiful outfits, becoming everyone’s centre of attention, getting all those gifts, a lot of laughter, happiness, photo sessions… the list is never-ending when it comes to your wedding day.

But your wedding day is not about a single day!

A lot of planning goes into making that one day extremely special in your life. And a little help is never wasted. That’s why we are here to help you celebrate your dream wedding with all its grandeur!

Select a Lavish Banquet Hall

No, we don’t want you to squander resources! And we definitely don’t undermine the huge expense of arranging a wedding.

But take it from us. A luxurious banquet hall in Kolkata may save you some bucks!

Surprised? Read on to know how!

If you pick a random ordinary hall, it may not have the right ambience to celebrate your dream wedding. That way, you have to spend bucks on hiding the spots on the wall, cleaning the entire space, and of course, on decorating the hall to camouflage the imperfections.

On the other hand, the classy wedding venues in Kolkata are always prepared to arrange a celebration. These are clean and hygienic. And the best part is that the beautiful interior decoration of these halls are already so fascinating that you don’t need to arrange for excessive decoration.

You get the point, right?


Book the Venue At Least a Year Ahead

Don’t forget to book a venue amidst all the excitements, shopping, and other preparations for a wedding. You can easily guess the consequence, right!

Now, all the popular wedding halls in Kolkata are always in high demand. To avoid such a rush, it’s better to book the hall beforehand.

A year may sound a long time but it’s not really so! We advise you to book the place the moment your wedding date is fixed. Sometimes, you may even have to change the date if the venue is unavailable! That’s why the earlier, the better!

Security is a Crucial Concern

You sure don’t want any harm to occur to your acquaintances on your special day, right? So make security your primary concern. Talk to the management of your wedding venue to learn if they have adequate arrangement for security.

If you are not satisfied with the arrangement or you have some high-profile guests attending the wedding, make personal provision of security.

Keep an Eye on the Food

Food is one of the most significant aspects of your wedding day and you must arrange for it. Talk to the venue manager to learn if they allow for any external catering service.

Also, you may book a hall that has an in-house restaurant to arrange for food. This will further enhance your convenience.


If you are looking for wedding banquet halls in Kolkata for marriage, check out Advaya Banquet. The hall is housed by Barsana Boutique Hotel. With luxurious decoration, top-notch security, and spacious interior – the venue is sure to add a distinct charm to your wedding. Also, you can easily arrange for food from the in-house Bahula restaurant.

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