Online Hotel Booking in Kolkata – Important Considerations

Online hotel booking is increasingly becoming more popular because of its convenience. Gone are the days of visiting the tourism office or contacting a travel agent to get a shelter in an unknown city. Now you can easily choose your preferable hotel and book your stay whenever you want. For example, if you want to book a hotel in Kolkata, you will be spoilt with choices the moment you enter the phrase on Google.

And this is where all the confusions start. Too many choices sure puzzle you – should you opt for the site that offers more discounts or a popular site? Which hotel to choose? Questions are many and fortunately, all of them are resolved in this blog. So stick to the end and clear your doubts.

Major Considerations while Booking a Hotel in Kolkata Online

Mind the Location

Just after reaching a destination, say Kolkata, you must be exhausted. Nobody likes to travel for another hour to get to the hotel. Especially, when you have all the comfort and convenience when you book hotels in Kolkata online, take some time to check the location. A hotel near the railway station or airport is a good choice.
However, we sure don’t want you to stay just next to these places as these are sure to be extremely congested. A hotel at a distance of half an hour ride sounds perfect.

Don’t Fall a Prey to Unbelievable Offers

Let’s address the question we already hinted at in the introduction. Often you may come across some eye-catchy deals like 85% off on hotel booking! These are too good to be true! Spam sites often attract the audience with such huge deals and the moment you enter your personal information like the bank account details, there’s a high possibility of bankruptcy! So beware of such random sites. Instead, book hotel online in Kolkata from a reputed website.

Learn Hotel Booking Policy

Every hotel has a distinct reservation policy. You sure don’t want to spend bucks on booking a hotel and get there only to learn that you are not eligible to enter for not carrying a document! Especially, if you book boutique hotels online, such as Barsana Boutique Hotel, check out the official website to learn about the reservation policy. What are the check-in and check-out timings? Which documents do you need to carry? Learn all about it.

Confirm Your Booking Before booking a hotel room from an online site, call the hotel reception to learn if the room is really available on that date. Generally, the reputed hotel booking websites show the updated results, still, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Also, after making the payment, check with the hotel reception to learn if your booking has been confirmed yet.

However, in some cases, it may take one or two days to receive a confirmation from the hotel’s end. So stay calm! Your money is not wasted!


We hope you have found our blog to be useful and the next time you look to book a hotel in Kolkata, you won’t face any trouble. Still, if you have any more queries about online hotel booking, feel free to comment below and we will resolve your doubts.

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