Bahula: The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Kolkata – A Review

Hello folks, I hope all of you are doing well! I am Smita Desai and like most of you checking out this blog, am a great foodie!

I was born and brought up in Kolkata but now I reside in Patna with my husband. Unfortunately, I get to visit my native place hardly once or twice a year. When I visited here about a month back, I decided to hit some popular vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata. Thankfully, my husband, too, is a food lover and readily accepted my proposal!

We visited a lot of places including Raasta Cafe at Behala, Hot & Spicy at Salt Lake, and Udipi Home at Desapriya Park.

But today, I will talk about the best veg restaurant among all these. I have already mentioned the name in the title of the blog – Bahula.

This article is going to be a bit long as I want to give a complete review of this place. I am segmenting the bog in a few parts including the location, overview & ambience, and of course, food!


Let’s Start with the Location

Well, I can walk for miles to get some good food but some people prefer convenience. Especially if you are on a date or hanging out with your friends, a centrally located place is convenient for everyone to reach.

Located at Tapsia, Bahula restaurant is only 10 minutes drive from Sealdah station and 05 minutes drive from Park Street. So, none will have a tough time reaching there!

What about Ambience?

Housed by Barsana Boutique Hotel, this place simply oozes grandeur! Esteemed as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata, its elegant decoration, luxurious appeal, warm lights, and comfortable sitting arrangements will enhance your appetite! The staff, too, are extremely courteous and will treat you well!

And Here Comes the Best Part… Food!

Oh, how you waited for this part, and so were I!

Do you know what’s the main attribute of the foodies? We prefer quality over quantity! And honestly, like any other foodie, I am a bit scrupulous about food. But this place, hands down, serves some yummiest delicacies!

The skilled chefs offer various cuisines including Italian, Asian, Chinese, Mughlai, and North Indian. From fruit blast papdi chat to mozzarella cheese fritters, tropical fried rice to Hyderabadi biriyani, crispy chilli baby corn to cottage cheese honey chilli, dahiwale kebab to Italian sizzler, seasonal veg curry to kaju kofta – you name it and they got it! I have a turn for paneer recipes and they have a lot of varieties! I was totally spoilt with choices!

Oh, and how can I forget the dessert section! Those hot gulab jamun with chilled ice cream and awesome rum caramel cashew sundae left me licking fingers! Indeed, this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata!

They also have an open bar, so if you are interested, you may try their premium drinks.


I wonder how I overlooked this place all these years! This will be a must-hit vegan restaurant in Kolkata for us for quite a few years now! I have also recommended my friends, family, and all of my readers to check out the place.

I hope it has been an enjoyable reading. I tried to cover all the details that anyone would look for at any acclaimed vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata. Also, I have already mentioned that I am a foodie. So you can wholeheartedly trust my feedback about a restaurant!

Have you already been to the place? How was your experience? Please comment below! Am eager to know!

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