5 Secrets to Booking a Hotel Online for Your Next Kolkata Trip

Finally, after hours of research and waiting, you’ve got a superb flight deal for your upcoming vacation in Kolkata. And now, it’s time to book a hotel online. The internet is where you’ll come across scores of hotels, boutique hotels, villas, resorts and guest houses. But there are several questions to think about.

How to know which websites are trustworthy?

Which hotels are actually the best?

Are the prices and amenities same everywhere?

Finding a good hotel that’ll make your vacation enjoyable and super fun, is nothing but an overwhelming experience. Your hotel is going to be your temporary home in a city you’ve never been to. Choosing the right place to stay is very important as it can either make your vacation incredible or a fiasco.

Having said that, let’s look at some essential rules to follow when booking a hotel in Kolkata online to make sure you never ever regret it.

Rules to Remember When Booking a Hotel Online in Kolkata

1. Compare the prices: You won’t know whether the hotel is charging a fair price until you do a comparison. The prices in the hotel industry are not uniform but vary from one hotel to another. It depends on various factors like the range of amenities, location, quality of service, type of food and more. Besides, no package, deal or offer on one site is similar to the other!

Some hotel booking sites offer additional discounts if you book in advance, especially during major festivals like Durga Puja or Christmas. You can also avail the benefit of loyalty programs at various hotel booking sites or use coupons and referral codes for more savings. So, isn’t it better to compare rather than trust the first site Google suggests you?

2. Go through the cancellation policy:
Before you book hotels in Kolkata online, make sure you’ve read the cancellation policy very carefully. This can save you money, time and disappointment if there is a sudden change in your travel plans.

Some hotels follow a 24-hour cancellation policy while others might have a 72-hour policy. Some have cancellation charges and some offer free cancellation based on certain conditions. Check the cancellation and reservation policy before making payment in advance to avoid problems later.

3. Consider the reviews of the hotel: Don’t know if your selected boutique hotel in Kolkata is worth your indulgence? Checking the customer reviews always helps! When you book boutique hotels online, always remember to check what other customers have been saying. From the cuisines, room service to their hospitality, cleanliness and hygiene, you’ll get all vital information about the boutique hotel, provided the reviews are authentic.

4. The location of the hotel: We know you don’t have plenty of time to invest in your hotel search and want to complete it as soon as possible. But, wait a minute. Do you want to book a hotel that’s located far away from the railway station or airport and pay double the actual fare to reach there? Or splurge (even if you don’t want to) every time you’re visiting the famous tourist spots in the city? That’s why we suggest you book a hotel online that’s centrally located. Believe us when we say this will help you save a great deal of time and money.

5. Payment options: A majority of the hotels require a credit card for incidental expenses or safety deposits during check-in. Your card will be put on hold until you check out. Thus, check if this rule applies to your chosen hotel in Kolkata. Also, don’t forget to carry your ID proof for verification. Some hotels will accept either credit or debit cards or even both. Knowing such vital information beforehand can avoid unnecessary delays and hassles at the time of making payments.

Enjoy the Benefits of Booking Barsana Boutique Hotel Online

Barsana Boutique Hotel, one of the best-ranked luxury hotels in Kolkata, takes pride in offering a hassle-free book a hotel online facility. The 45-room compact boutique hotel exudes luxury from every corner, delivering top-notch amenities like 24/7 concierge, Jacuzzi bathrooms, luxury beds, gourmet vegetarian cuisine, free and high-speed Wi-Fi and more. Booking the hotel online will provide you with exclusive benefits like no extra charge, greater transparency and special discounts, among others.

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