Vacation Goals: Why Choosing Luxury Hotels in Kolkata is Worth It

Winter is here and what can be a more pleasant time to explore new places! Have you chosen Kolkata as your vacation spot? That’s wonderful! As the erstwhile cultural, commercial and educational capital of the Eastern part of India, there are plenty of things to do and see in this city. While your trip itinerary may already feature the must-visit places like Marble Palace, Science City and Howrah Bridge, you may still be dubious about one thing – ‘to choose luxury hotels in Kolkata or not to choose.’

A holiday destination may be selected easily but when it comes to choosing hotels, travellers can be picky. Any hotel you stay in, you’ll be provided with facilities but there’s a reason why luxury hotels are connoted for their uniqueness and stand apart from mid-range hotels. Want to know why you deserve to stay in an upscale hotel? Then don’t stop reading this blog!

Why Choosing Luxury Hotels in Kolkata is an Amazing

1. IdeaLuxury at its best: Luxury hotels are distinguished for their grandeur and opulence in every step. Whether you choose to stay in a deluxe room or a suite, the rooms are spacious with elaborate designs and equipped with top-notch amenities like Wi-Fi, king size beds, comfortable beddings, flat screen TV, Jacuzzi bathroom and all that you need to make your stay truly luxurious.

2. First-class hospitality: When you book one of the leading 3 star hotels in Kolkata, you can be assured to come across highly-trained staff and hosts. They are dedicated to your fulfil all your needs. The kind of hospitality they offer is marked by congeniality and friendliness. You’ve booked a luxury hotel because you wanted to feel pampered and have a relaxing time, didn’t you? The staff will make sure your stay in the hotel is worth remembering by bestowing the best possible care.

3. A range of services: When you’re in a vacation mood, you would want to escape your daily routine, isn’t it? Like if you cook and do the laundry everyday, you certainly wouldn’t be doing those same chores when holidaying. That’s why the luxury hotels offer a wide array of services like 24-hour reception, laundry, housekeeping, newspaper delivery and banquet facility, among others. And guess what? You can also find luxury hotels in Kolkata with in-house restaurants serving a delectable variety of delicious gourmet cuisines. Well, we hope now you know why staying in luxury hotels features in the bucket list of so many people?

4. Ensures complete safety: When choosing a hotel during your trip to Kolkata, surely, you one to pick a place that ensures maximum safety to their guests. And matching up to the superior levels of security in a 3-star hotel is difficult! Apart from the high-tech CCTV cameras being strategically placed inside the hotel, the authorities employ highly-trained and proficient security guards for 24 hours who keep a check on who is visiting and leaving the premises. Thus, even if you’re not there in the hotel for the entire day, you need not worry about room theft or any threat to your personal safety.

5. Cleanliness and hygiene: The ongoing global pandemic is already a major threat to human existence. Under such circumstances, you cannot afford to choose a mediocre hotel where they may not follow all the safety protocols. But that’s not the case when you book a reputable luxury hotel. The staffs, management and other employees are all adequately trained to perform the COVID-19 safety practices, from time to time. Whether its wearing masks and gloves or sanitizing the high-touch surfaces, they are taking all the important steps to contain the deadly virus and keep their guests safe.

Conclusion: Staying in a luxury hotel is indeed a wonderful experience, no matter how many days you’re spending there. Life is all about experiences and a luxury hotel gives you a slew of reasons to create beautiful memories that you’ll want to look back, always. Barsana Boutique Hotel is one of the distinguished luxury hotels in Kolkata that provides best-in-class facilities in the form of magnificent rooms, an in-house vegetarian multi-culinary restaurant and a banquet hall. To book a room, call  +91 85850 66251.

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