5 Stunning Banquet Hall Decoration Ideas for a Birthday Party

Are you turning twenty-one or is it the special five-zero you’re planning to celebrate? Whatever age you or your loved one will be soon embracing, a birthday is a reason for celebration. However, thanks to our busy lifestyles, bringing all your friends and family together is a challenge, perhaps bigger than even organizing the party. We are always tied up with some work or the other and sparing a few hours for a birthday celebration is the least luxury your guests can afford for themselves. For this reason, when you get the chance, seize the opportunity – look for the best banquet hall in Kolkata within your budget and arrange the most memorable birthday party ever!

Is finding a banquet hall enough to make your party special? While getting the perfect venue is crucial, the significance of appearance cannot be overlooked. Afterall, who wants to turn up to a birthday party where the room looks drab and uninteresting? So, here are some ways to jazz up the event hall without breaking the banks.

Amazing Ideas to Decorate a Banquet Hall for a Birthday Party

1.Balloons, balloons and more balloons

Without balloons, can you even call it a birthday party? Using balloons is a fun way to dress up the party venue and bring in the ‘birthday vibes’. Besides being inexpensive, you won’t believe the different ways you can use balloons to decorate the venue. Did you know you can create ice-cream cones with balloons? Just inflate balloons and attach a piece of craft paper folded into a cone beneath each balloon. How about garlands of balloon or a balloon wall? Even placing an arc of balloons at the entrance or center of the stage can amplify the beauty of your party venue.

2. Create a magical ambience with candles

Like balloons, candles are your next birthday decor BFF. If you want to create an intimate and fun party mood, soft lighting is your go-to option. Thinking candles are only meant to be on the birthday cake? You’re mistaken, mate. Be innovative and have candles of all shapes and sizes on the table and around the food arrangement. Including votive candles is an excellent way to induce birthday party feel to the space. Moreover, if you’ve chosen a luxurious banquet hall in Kolkata, balloons and candles create the perfect birthday decoration!

3. Which colour do you choose?

All the ‘bright colours’! A birthday party decor is all about bringing as many colours as possible, the brighter, the better. With the plethora of colourful kite papers, craft papers, streamers and free printables available today, decorating a birthday party venue on a budget is never a cause for concern. A potpourri of colourful balloons, streamers, paper decorations and candles is surely a vibrant way to beautify the banquet hall.

4. Let’s be monochromatic

Don’t love bright colours? No worries! Say ‘yes’ to the one-colour decor scheme and proudly display your love for the monochromatic. While white is one of the easiest party colour schemes out there, we’ll tell you otherwise for an all-white birthday party is simply blah! Go for pastel shades like baby pink, light blue, mint green, etc. Want to know the trending colour palettes for a party? Sunshine yellow, Playful Pink, Lavender, Muted Green and Sea Blue. So, go ahead and choose your favourite birthday monochrome!

5. Use drapes

Choosing the drape of the same colour as the theme renders an element of class and elegance to the party space. Draping the ceiling in the matching colour is an excellent way to bedeck the banquet hall gracefully. Combine drapes with balloons and lighting effects and see how splendid the party hall looks.

Final thoughts: When it comes to decorating your birthday party venue, it’s natural to run out of ideas. If you’re looking to fuse style, elegance and bring forth the much-needed party vibe, the decoration ideas mentioned above, should do the trick. Oh! Are you yet to find the best banquet hall in Kolkata? Then Advaya, the luxurious banquet hall inside Barsana Boutique Hotel, is the right choice for you. To know more, visit call @ +91 9933305485

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